Workshop “Creating a Safe-to-Fail environment” 

Together with Creative Elephant we offer a practical and very interactive half-day workshop on Psychological Safety.

You’ve heard it before: Google says it, Harvard’s Professor of Leadership and Management, Amy C. Edmondson says it: psychological safety in your teams is crucial. Great, but what does that mean exactly? And how do you create an environment where your teams feel safe to speak up, to experiment, and to fail?

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn how to reframe limiting beliefs that are holding back the organization

  • Learn how to invite peers and subordinates to speak up and to exhibit new behaviour

  • Learn how to respond to different types of failures in a productive way

We want people to experience psychological safety, not only explain what psychological safety is and how teams can benefit from it. 

Target Audience

The workshop is targeted at leaders in all layers of an agile organization. With leaders we mean both formal and informal leaders.


In this workshop we explore each of the three categories of Amy Edmondson's book "The Fearless Organization": set the stage, invite participation, respond productively. We ask participants to take examples from their own environment in which they feel that psychological safety is lacking. All exercises are interactive and help to build skills that can immediately be used to start improving psychological safety. We use liberating structures, visualisation and movement to help participants to explore what is required to make their situation more psychologically safe.

Topics include:

  • What is Psychological Safety?

  • Psychological Safety and frames

  • Reframing limiting beliefs

  • Using Impact Feedback and Powerful Questions

  • Failure Types

  • Responding productively for different failure types

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