Agility with compassion

PragmaticAll is a small company that provides coaching, facilitation and training.
The company was founded by Robert van Lieshout. Below is his vision on work.

In my work I am guided by the following considerations:

  • I value doing a few things right over just doing many things

  • I value long term relationships over short term profit

  • I value real world observations over theoretical models

  • I value emergent practices over prescriptive methods

I value the drive of motivated people, unleashed through autonomy, freedom to work towards mastery, and being able to contribute to an inspiring purpose.


Why PragmaticAll?

You may be wondering why I chose to call my company “PragmaticAll”. I’m glad you asked!

The feedback many of my clients gave me (and still do), was often along the lines of: “you know a lot of relevant theory, but what we like most is how you find a way to make it work in our context.” I was so proud of that, I decided it would be good if that was reflected in the name of my company. That’s how I came up with PragmaticAll.

While I’m still proud of my ability to make things work by tailoring it to a specific context, I must admit I find it less relevant than I did when I founded the company. These days, compassion, candor, trust and respect figure more prominently in my beliefs. Now, I’m more proud to hear that I’m good at listening and asking questions. I figure that way people can make things work themselves, and ultimately that’s a better deal for them.



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