Our Ready-Made Workshops


Not all workshops are the same

Most of the time, a workshop is tailor-made to your requirements. We’ll have one or more preparation sessions to clarify what you need and how we’ll design the workshop before actually running the workshop.

But some are quite similar

There are certain types of workshop that we end up doing over and over again, with just some minor tweaks (and of course the flexibility of a good facilitator during the workshop itself).

We’ve turned them into ready-made workshops to save you and us on the preparation time.


Creating a Safe-to-Fail Environment

You’ve heard it before: Google says it, Harvard’s Professor of Leadership and Management, Amy C. Edmondson says it: psychological safety in your teams is crucial.

Great, but what does that mean exactly? And how do you create an environment where your teams feel safe to speak up, to experiment, and to fail?

In this workshop we’ll give you a taste of psychological safety and show you what you can do to start building a safe-to-fail environment. We will guide you through exercises that correspond to each of the three categories defined in Amy Edmondson’s book “The Fearless Organization”:

  • Setting the Stage

  • Inviting Participation

  • Responding Productively

And we’ll show you that it works too!  You’ll end the workshop feeling more psychologically safe than you felt at the start.