Twin Team Coaching


Imagine having two Scrum Masters or two Agile Coaches for the price of one. Imagine you have two people who:

  • know and trust each other;

  • work together seamlessly;

  • complement each other with different strengths and weaknesses;

  • get energy from working together.

Two wise souls

Two wise souls

I have a few partners that fit the above description. I love to work with them, and vice versa. We do our best work when we’re together. No wonder we want to do it more often.

How does that work in practice?

Here is an example.

  • You have a full-time or almost full-time vacancy for a Scrum Master (or Agile Coach).

  • You hire a twin Scrum Master.

  • We guarantee that the twin works together seamlessly. The twin takes care that each knows everything that is needed.

  • There is at least one half of the twin around. Sometimes both are there.

  • You pay for just one Scrum Master.

  • You get the benefit of two great minds. We get the benefit of working together and complementing each other.